Monday, April 07, 2008

Shit I'm Digging

I send emails to friends periodically titled "Shit I'm Digging" usually referring to things that I have discovered or techniques that I have learned that I wanted to share with them. Last time I sent one to my friend Tawnya she mentioned that instead of her having to forward it to other people that would also find it usefull that I should probably put these on my blog. I have smart friends:)

Yesterday, I was sitting on my parents couch flipping through their magazines. On page 36 of Budget Travel there is an article for an online program called Snapmania. Now if you own Photoshop then you can already alter photos. Ofcourse, the last time I checked, a home copy of Photoshop is $600, but for $4.90/month you can have a subscription to snapmania. Here's what you do: Lets say you want to take a picture of a statue while you're on vacation but you can't stop the other tourists from walking into your shot. You take 3 pictures of that statue, upload them into snapmania, & the program cuts & pastes those photos together until all of the tourists are removed.

Sounds dubious? Then don't take my word for it & check it out at

Miss you more than Photoshop,