Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Farwell my love

I have delayed writing for a long time over the grief I've been feeling for the lost of my dearest friend and companion.  On Saturday, June 6th, Itchy passed away.  We fought it for long while, the first sign was her going deaf a couple of years ago. At first I thought she was just at an age that she was ignoring me like every teenager.  Then mind-blowing sounds would not make her even flinch. 

Then the tail was constantly tucked & then her head would stay stooped.  She had terrible arthritis. Her muscle deteriorated and walking became impossible. I wanted her to be with me forever, even if that meant carrying her everywhere. Then on the tuesday she went blind in one eye. She stopped opening her eyes and cried if you moved her. Atleast she didn't hear my cries while I watched her in so much pain.

I know that pets are no substitute for children but Itchy was the closest to that for sixteen years. Since all my love and concerns were so tied to her for so long I now feel like part of me is missing.

Her ashes came back on Monday.  Soon she will be keeping my father company in the family crypt. My only condolence is that was my father's wish. Family is family.