Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Shit I'm Diggin'

New Year's Eve is swinging around again. I cannot spend another NYE at home, I must get out! So sweet to hear that my old friend Tim is DJing at a club that night PLUS there's no cover charge. Yes! One hitch, its a masquerade ball. I get my duckies in a row & make some phone calls...voila! I have my Rococco dress back. (What? Don't you have vintage costumes laying around in various cities at friends' houses?)

I'm thinking about revamping a powder white wig that I have & start surfing the web for inspiration. I told Jingles that I would never do two type of wigs, stacks & afros. (Ofcourse, guess what most people ask for..) Today I found inspiration o'plenty. Kathleen Marie, you are a goddess! Her Antoinette Atelier blows my mind.

Yes. I love the 'pirate' wig the most too. Though on a tangent, the eye patch disturbs me. Everytime I see sequins hearts I think of the birthday gift of pasties that Jason sent me that I regrettably opened at the office. *Cringe*

At the Antoinette Atelier site she also sells wrist cuffs, couture outfits, and shoes. Here notes on this pair were "Never wear in the rain while fleeing a revolution. Leave them as your legacy."
Miss you more than $454 wigs & $2000 dresses, V