Thursday, April 28, 2016

Atleast its not a heart, lungs or liver..

Olin my mechanic told me over the phone this morning with the diagnosis of my truck.  My latest trip to the shop was last night. While driving home, right when I passed one of the houses I would be tearing down this summer, my truck overheated.  I have never been in a vehicle that overheated before so it was a major shock. Yes, it does steam. When I lifted the hood, whoa the coolant was gone. So I walked a block for more coolant. When I started the refreshed truck, a drizzle started from behind the radiator.  If you know vehicles, the water pump had a crack which meant the petroleum had degraded the timing belt. The water pump crack wasn't the only crack, the radiator also had a crack. So that also needs to be replaced with all the tubes.

A lot of work right? If that was only the work that I had done. Nope, this is the fourth time I took it into the shop this month.  It started with my clutch slipping so that needed to be retooled. Then I decided to get the belts replaced, the clutch cylinder & slave cylinder was another trip.  Two days I brought it back because it was difficult to start & found the clutch switch was wobbly. I was told not to worry because it is a 20 year old truck & like Olin said, its just parts- not a heart.

I suspect this is connected to eggs. The chicken kind. Nicolas brought home a dozen eggs. He likes to remove the broken ones & replace them with unbroken from other crates.  So there were three larger eggs in the box. Last thursday I cracked open those three for breakfast. All of the eggs had double yokes! At the sametime- Prince died.  Coincidence or just a newly ovulating hen?

The superstition behind double-yolks are both good & bad. Some say that it is a good luck sign, others a sign of death.  I agree that it is both. Prince died in the morning, in the afternoon I passed another board exam.  I received a handsome paycheck, my truck goes sour.  That's two eggs down. Now for the third egg- I just got the results that I failed last weeks board exam, please let the good luck egg rain down NOW!

I'm using all of my will-power to remain calm..Its supposed to snow again today, so I'll stand outside underneath the cherry blossoms for a moment of Zen until the first flake drops.