Friday, February 06, 2009

Ft Worth Street Painting Fair

Brandon & I used to sit down at the end of all the street fairs that we would paint at & say how nice it would be to actually go to one for the first time instead of work at one.....then we would look at each other & our finished pieces & take it all back. Ofcourse, that finally did happen! My parents read an article & made the travel plans & surprised me one Sunday afternoon by taking me to the Ft Worth Street Fair. Here are some of my favorites:

Georgia O'Keefe...good use of my motto- "Broad expanses of colour."
Dali- this is the first time that I've seen someone do a surrealist.
I know that this work is a bit too Kinkade for me but I like the artist technique of starting with black back ground & adding the colour like a true pastel artist.
I had a nice conversation with this guy. The only morph work at the fair of a Koi Pond. No way that I stood could I get a good shot of this piece.
Jenny, this is for you. Pre-Raphaelites.
Homage to the Munsters:)
Homage to Betty Page....really made me miss Brandon.
This is one of those pieces that I would be willing to do a jig-saw puzzle of but never a street painting.
Just wanted to show you that each piece had a team of at least three artists. Was that required for this fair?
These girls rocked!! That's a magazine ad that they were able to make it seem like the golden dress actually glistened. But they had their headphones on so I could question them how:(
I wasn't so impressed by this work because I've seen it so many times but read the thought bubbles above the cherubs: "Do you think she will finish?" "I don't know. It's been 9 hours."
This was the first street painting fair that I went to that didn't have censors. Nudity!! Woohoo Fort Worth!

Shit I'm REALLY Diggin'

My friend Barb just sent me an email to this link about a dude that made his own Vespa out of wood.

Daddy....can I have one!!!!!