Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Now that the airport is open, I don't have to work 60 hours a week. I'm left with weekends to do...something? Since its summer that means I switch into summer performances. I dance atleast once every week. This past weekend I danced at Birch Hill (a cross country ski rec area) for the Clucking Blossom fest. I learned something very important; there's a reason why Folk Festivals are always FREE. But we had a great turn out of people that left the bluegrass performances to come watch us dance. Afterwards I wish I had a tape recorder. My voicemail would say, "Would the bellydancer with the tiny dog please come out of the bathroom?!" Good I got see a goat pulled chariot! Did you know that when they don't want to pull you any longer they just kneel down & let you slide backwards down the hill?

On Sunday I went to hang out with some local comic book artists that I know. I met these folks @ the 24 Hour Comic Challenge last September. They kept on inviting me to come it their Comic Jam but I was always in the office. I'm so glad that I had a chance to go because I had a great time. Brandon would of loved it. It had sessions of comic, surrealist-like games. Like this one:

The jams are like round robins. The first person chooses a noun; in this example it was depressed frog. They pass it to the person on their right & that person chooses a verb. The second person passes it to the person on their right who has two minutes to come up with the first stile. It keeps on going around like that every two minutes with, in this case, 6 sheets rotating around the table.

The next experiment was even more surrealistic. This time you label your first page with a #1 in the corner because you can get these messed up because you're moving so fast. Then you're ready to get started.

1) The first person takes 1 minute to write down a noun. Then they fold it over so that the next person to their right doesn't see it.

2)The second person takes 1 minute to write an action. Then they had it to the person to their right.

3)The third person gets to see the noun & action. They have two minutes to draw something. Then they fold over the noun & action & hand it to the person to their right.

4) The fourth person only gets to see the image at this point. They only have 1 minute to write a caption. Then they fold over the image & hand it to the person on their right.

5) The fifth person only gets to see the caption. They have 2 minutes to draw an image that relates to the caption. The fold over the caption & had it to the person on their right.

So you see how this goes on for about a half an hour. This is what the first page looked like: After the four pages we all stood up & did show & tell time of the sets. It was hilarious to see how they would progress & transform like a game of telephone. This one ended up with a cowboy getting his legs waxed.

Miss you more than the laugh I had on Saturday night when a 400 lb man told me had a Smurf tattoo, V