Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Gone to Camp

Do you have a job yet? Neither do I'm working at Cheley Colorado Camps in Estes Park this summer as an Assistant Cook. Most people don't believe me. They say, "Your designing a summer camp." No, I'm an Assistant Cook at the Boys Camp. "Your the Crafts Counselor at a summer camp." No, I'm a Lunch Lady people! So completely unbelievable that I'm holding this job that they did a national article about it plus it was run on CNN.

I'm not kidding here. McClatchey's contacted the camp about a report they were writting about the economy & older, more qualified workers applying for summer jobs. So they said that they had the exact person to talk to...ME. At first it was going to be an article mainly about amusement parks but then the journalist, Tony Pugh, gave my interview to the editor that they decided I was to be heading the article. That meant the next morning I was up in Boulder donning my apron for a photoshoot for the article. Doesn't this picture look like I'm about to carve up the Flatirons & serve it with some gravy?

McClatchey's is a version of the AP so it was run in over 31 newspapers over the US, except Colorado. But I determined that anything that involved my name & looking for a job as an architect is good advertising.

I've been at camp since June 6th so I have a lot to report....BUT I've got a cold, worked a long day of making cookie bars & rolls for 200 & really need to get in a shower before I do some soldering then go to bed.

Miss you more than AutoCAD, V