Saturday, November 07, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

To be honest, the best birthday presents are the ones that you give to yourself. I've been dying to see music concerts that I only wished to see while I was in Fairbanks. So my birthday I went to see Emilie Autum & her Asylum girls.
I could go on & on about her rock harpsicord but the show was not just about the music. She really has only one album out so the long show was actually that, a show. She has four girls accompany her as they play act up to the songs with a stage packed with props.

Captain Maggot was an illiterate pirate that did the trapeze act & stilts. The Blessed Contessa was the cannibalist missionary that did a different trapeze act. Apriele was the ballerina. Veronica Varlow was the busty burlesque fan dancer. All that plus tea, cupcakes & pink balloons all being thrown to the audience. Certain moments it dragged others I missed the Cold Fusion girls & wished they were there. The most incredible part of the evening was the energy of the audience. You would of thought you were in the crowd of boy-band fans....that joined in with juggling acts. Bizarre.