Thursday, October 16, 2014

Our Mini-Moon to Santa Fe

Rainy day after our wedding so we headed south to New Mexico- to more rain.  We paused at the Pueblo in Taos.  I had heard that it was lively but on a rainy day it was quite vacant.  We bought some fried bread from a women in a dwelling lined in tarps to catch the water coming through the holes in the ceiling.  The travel journal said that they live a subsistence existence similar to their ways of old.  I didn't see how that was possible with no visible crops or livestock.

We ended up in Santa Fe with our Honeymoon suite given to someone else by a computer error.  The un-named hotel did make-up for up but Nicolas will forever be steaming about it.  The next day we went to the open market at the old train station then off to Canyon Road. 
Wonderful artwork, architecture and weather.  Yes the main square is great but too touristy for us.  A more enjoyable market was in Taos where we did buy art.  We much preferred Canyon Road. We had a great stroll around asking questions, soaking up the culture.  I became obsessed with the woodwork and when I get obsessed with something, my husband gets to work trying to help me out.
It was bizarre that in a town filled with architecture so unique and localized to this one town that the people living there had no clue who provides or maintains it.  It was only by chance on a drive that we came across Sereti & Sons. 70,000 square feet filled with doors, columns, shutters, statues and fortress gates from around the world.  I would of taken a picture of every inch but I respected their request to not take any pictures.
The most non-descript building in the town was this one, the oldest house in the United States.
Alas this was just the mini-moon because Nicolas's management wouldn't allow him to take more than a week off of work.  Gracious we took a detour to the whole sanctuary in Chimayo & had a beautiful drive back to Aurora.