Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Chocolate Valentine

It was that week that most of us avoid, the Valentine week.  I have no complaints because by avoiding everything Valentine a few years ago I met my husband. Ha!

This week didn't even really feel like a romantic one with so much going on.  I will give you a short break down since I have a full day of reading a 200 page Kaplan PPP exam review textbook a head of me.  Lets start with the stupidity that is Victoria.  I joined a workout challenge to do 30 days of cardio classes in 35 days. Somehow this week pulled a muscle from between my shoulder blades up through my neck.  Thus having my evening hours with my back laid up moaning. Dumb. The positive side is that I got four teardrop fascinator bases covered in fabric. Which leads to the next task, updating my Etsy site.  I'm planning on submitting to Summer fairs & festivals so an Etsy site can be used as a portfolio. Nothing really fabulous is up there NOW, but I do have 14 hats in various stages of completion that will make a good little shop. If anyone is interested in being a head model or has a table top photo studio I can borrow, talk to me.

Thursday night was the opening of the Chocolate exhibit at the Museum of Nature & Science. Call it a couples' night since we met up with our friends Skip & Juliet at the museum. We had a cup of Chestnut Mocha in the lobby beforehand to curb any cravings. That seemed to be unnecessary since the exhibit wasn't so exciting. The exciting part seemed to be when I had an tiff with the sweet counter clerk. They were selling Pate du Fruit & I said that I didn't think that it was spelt correctly, that it should be Pate du Fui. Her response was that the chef lived in France so he spelled it correctly, my response was ditto. In the end we are both correct since its spelt both ways. Whatever. Its just another moment that I showed I'm turning into my mother.  The photo opportunities in the exhibit were good at least.

You can't tell but I'm sitting on a large chocolate truffle.  Yes I was in flapper clothes since we were going to the Great Gatsby dance party afterwards.

Nicolas loved the chocolate cornucopia.
Friday night we got adorned in our finest flapper wear again to go to an Ominious Vintage Valentine night. First we went to the Ice Cube Gallery to see the Ridiculous-ness show. Really good abstract/found art sculpture & paintings. By the end of the evening my feet were killing me! Don't trust rhinestone heels. Tony, the smallest man in Denver, had to help me out at one point.
By Saturday night I was getting tired. After I morning long test prep session I was mentally set for alot of reading but we had one more event to go to- Brigid's Deadpool party. We haven't seen the movie yet so no spoilers. What we did do was a lot of games.  Once someone knows that you play board games you are welcome in with open arms.  The newest game that I learned that evening was mini Epic Galaxy which was graciously explained to me by Seth, a game designer himself.

Well that's the short of it. Off to do some studying.