Thursday, September 14, 2017

Application for Colorado Anime Fest 2018

This portion of my blog is dedicated to my submission to the 2018 Colorado Anime Fest. If you would like to see my work more in depth, please feel free to visit my Etsy shop or my Instagram page
Variety of Ear Fascinators 
Fantasy picnic with models wearing Victoria Regina's hats.
Tricorn based on French Royal outfit from the 17th Century.
Red Wizard hat also compliments Renaissance garb.
Headdresses made with embroidered organza & french silk guipere lace.
Serpentine visors.
Lovely butterfly hats and masks.

Steampunk inspired Victorian Riding Hat.
1950s style reenactment cocktail hats.
Lolita style berets.
1920s style cloche made from fur felt.

Burlesque style corset heart fascinators.
Fantasy toppers - Aquarium top hat.

Dr. Suess inspired tiara.
Miniature Tricorns!

Example of Victoria Regina's booth display in an indoor setting.