Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cold Fusion

I'm an idot. Two weeks ago I got asked to audition for the local tribal fusion dance troupe called Cold Fusion. A night before hand, I must of channeled some teenage B-boy because attempted to do a corkscrew spin. I was supposed to kick my right leg out, swing it back kicking it into the back of my left knee, crumple down landing on the side of my right foot then spin up unwinding myself....I ate lineoleum in a way never done before. I showed up to the audition with a hyper-extended knee & seriously sore back only to find out that I was an automatic in & DIDN'T HAVE TO AUDITION!

The troupe consists of six awesome girls. We practice two days a week out in the mountains @ (get this) the Quaker Commune:) [Two of the girls rent cabins there.] Its all of these log cabins, with no water ofcourse, & a main house that they all eat their meals at. That first night I tried to hold it as long as I could but eventually I had to go to the outhouse. I almost didn't make it from laughter. There's no running water but there was motion activated lights up to & inside the outhouse! Inside it was a two seater which I didn't find romantic at all. Each hole had a pull out lid that prevents ice from forming & closing up the hole. I held my breath when I had to sit down only to be shocked that it wasn't cold. They had put insulated foam on the seat. Apparently you don't put toilet paper down the holes in Alaska but they have a can that you burn it in. When I returned the girls wanted to know how I liked the insulated foam.

They were also eager to get me joined up then so I could be part of the photoshoot on Sunday. The photoshoot was four hours of poses, followed by screams & running around in circles.This photoshoot will eternally be known as the coldest day of my life! This is a picture of me @ 4 degrees out, a few minutes before I have to take off the coat & pose on an ice sculpture of a polar bear with only the coin bra & fishnet covering me up. Oh, we got to wear our ear muffs:)