Friday, February 16, 2007

Valentine's Day Gift

Check out the awesome set my sister knitted for me! We have a matching hat, scarf & wrist-warmers (i.e. mitts). She came up with the patterns herself, attached an antique, Chinese coin to the end of the scarf & included gloves inside the mitts so I would know what they were. In one day, I've gotten so many complements on them. My coworkers were saying that I looked quite Alaskan & blurted "I'm that kind of Alaskan that not only kills but also skins their own Muppets."
Anyway- Way to go sis! And to think that the scarf that she knitted me a year ago had spaces in it. Makes me wish that I had bought her this book I saw on knitting called Dominknitrix-Whip Your Knitting Into Shape by Jennifer Stafford...there's a website to it at
I will not knit...I leave that repeative motion to my sister but I do appreciate it (especially because my wrists are nice & toasty now in my vintage, leopard fur jacket with 3/4 sleeves). She says that she can now knit socks, so I'm looking forward to some knee-high, bumble-bee socks. I used to have a pair that had bees with little arms that held onto the top of my tanker boots.
Miss you more than a muppet skin suit, Victoria