Friday, March 02, 2007

Subversive Origami

Its been a while since I last wrote. Mainly because I've been working between 14-21 hour days, everyday, for the last month. But, as of today, I'm done designing the body of the airport. Fourteen months of pure labor have been lifted off of my shoulders. Now I can work on the fun stuff like the sandbox in the airport. Last Spring they sent me to a couple of elementary schools to talk to children about what they thought the airport of the future would look like. Some of their ideas were brilliant like hover-craft suitcases. What they kept on mentioning was how important the dinosaur sandbox was in the greeter lobby. So I pitched an idea, the shareholders liked it & now I'm designing a playbox out of glass. That's the kind of things that I have to look forward to....all the ideas that I pulled out that I thought no one would let me do & now I have to figure out how the hell to do it:)

While I'm sitting at my drafting table for hours upon hours, I have a couple of distractions. One is the Origami-A-Day calendar. Each day or two has folding instructions & the backs of the sheets are coloured so you can use the sheet from the day before to fold with. The instructions for Presidents' Day used a dollar bill. Then came Fat Tuesday that was a half instruction that ended on Ash Wednesday. This was what I completed for Ash Wednesday-

Do you think that the creators of this calendar are making a statement about money & god?

This reminds me of my Yeats? He had an ongoing discussion about a unknown island in the South Pacific with a colleague. He had the 25th edition of an encyclopedia that reported about this island. His colleague's encyclopedia never reported such an island. So they went their seperate ways, periodically searching for evidence. In the end they discovered that the editor that year of the 25th edition of that encyclopedia was an athesist. He believed by adding one page in an encyclopedia of a fictional land was proving that anyone can play creator & disproving the existance of god.

So I still haven't slept....just wanted to share with you that status of my mind after 24 hours without sleep.

Miss you more than reading between the lines,