Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Saqra workshop

The brilliant Saqra came to teach six days of bellydance. I was able to make four & I learned so much. My first night was learning a gypsy tamborine dance. I pre-ordered a traditional tamborine from Saqra. I was mildly disturbed when I was given my tamborine because it still had some hair on the stretched drum head. Apparently it came from a red-headed goat with freckles...I was playing me- as a goat.

In a half hour, a group of professional dancers can degrade to a room of school children with tamborines. First you start acting like Cher from the '60s, than you start playing the tamborine on you back-side, then on other peoples back-sides...by the end of the class & was getting a back massage from edge of someone elses tamborine.

I was nervous about dancing for four days straight because I exploded a blood vessel two weeks ago doing none other than yes, break dancing. (No snide comments about 'break' dancing, I heard them all from my co-workers). After four hours of shimmys I didn't feel anything the rest of the time.
During this time, I was puppy sitting my coworker's 14 week old Husky. This reminded me that I don't want to have another puppy. She was terrified of me but adored Itchy. Image the cool teenager on the block & then the little kid that idolizes her. That was the situation, Itchy was followed everywhere, whatever she did, the puppy did. Ate a rug though, Itchy did not.
It was also booty shopping time on Monday. It started snowing on Friday so Itchy needed some new sneaks. I went to the pet shop & bought the XXSmall pair. Went home to put them on & they didn't fit!! How is that possible?! The only animal that has smaller feet than Itchy is a ferret!
Miss you more than eye candy cosmetics,