Tuesday, October 09, 2007

My Sister's Visit

My sister came to visit for 10 days....I think & she got the full Alaskan experience. Eating crab, salmon, reindeer & musk ox. Going to the bathroom outdoors. Meeting bears. Watching Killer Whales jump. Camping out on the beach. Berry & rosehip picking. Flying on a cargo plane. She got to do it all.

I even got to experience something new. We were going to Seward to see the glaciers & she set up the reservations on the boat. I had convinced her that it was better to go on a small ship than a 150+ person tour ship. The morning we are of to our tour we have to meet our boat on a shore behind a restaurant. That gave me a bit of concern since there wasn't any docks. But as the clock turned 8am here comes the boat pulling up on the shore & lowering a hydrolic draw bridge...Antoinette had booked us on a water taxi, so instead of taking a site seeing tour, we were going to be dropped off at remote bays around the glacier. Reg our Captain would take us anywhere that we wanted to go. For the majority of the trip there was us, Reg and a photographer. Antoinette & I had no agenda so we just went around to where ever the photographer wanted to go. He wanted to photograph bears. So we spent the day running up the gravel shores like we were storming Normandy get photographs of bears.....and once the shock value of that ran out, finding rocks that look like sushi.

I could go on for pages of what a good time I had but instead I'll leave you with this picture.

Miss you more than drinking hot coco made from a spicket out the back of a school bus,