Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pink Hot Chocolate

In a search for gifts for those that have everything, I saw a tin of Raggedy Ann Pink Hot Chocolate @ Sur La Table. {They do have Blue Hot Chocolate too but I don't find blue appetizing.] I didn't make a spectical of myself in the store but internally I went crazy for this. I went to plenty a tea party in Fairbanks with ladies that would love to have this. I didn't get it because it was $7.50 for 8oz. Its too small that the people that I would send it too would cherish it, never use it & let it turn into a block in their pantry. So I did some research & here's a recipe for Pink Chocolate:
Now this recipe uses alcohol....great! but still expensive. So we need to come up with an idea to make it cheaper. I know that you can find white mocha powder but how do we colour it pink? Adding food colouring sounds like it would stain cups & lips? Give me your ideas.....