Monday, January 12, 2009

Boca Raton Boat Parade

I wanted to start out my first 2009 blog entry with a little bit of the holiday cheer. This is a picture of the bourbon balls that I made using Mrs. Carrel's recipe. It called to dip the balls in chocolate using tooth picks. I searched & searched the grocery store for toothpicks & they weren't anywhere. Once again I had to use shish kabob skewers for something other than skewering meat.

Here I am in Florida with the parents. One of the traditions down here is to go to the Boca Raton Boat parade. Local boat owners deck out there boats for Christmas and then parade them down the intercoastal. This year Dad's handicap tag on the car got us prime seats at a park on the canal. We were just popping in for parking when the attendant told us that the parking was only for handicapped...ah ha! We are handicap! So we got front row seats in the bleachers. My parents never knew that this existed, they always went to other parks & just watched as they ate a picnic.

The first boat was the fireworks boat that seemed to propell itself with a constant stream of fireworks. It was my favorite & Itchy's least.

You have to excuse the low quality of photos. Its not as simple as you would think to take photos of moving boats at night. -- So, some of the boats had a more Floridian approach like this one of a marlin following some dolphins. They were judged on size classes, I think the rowboats were judged on how fast the rowers rowed:)
This one was my Mum's favorite. They're a group of people dressed up as wooden soliders lined up on deck & when the ship fired its cannon, all of the soliders fell down. Cute.

And it wouldn't be a boat parade if someone didn't have Santa reeling in a water-skiing dolphin.