Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shit that I'm digging: Comics Bound

The 24 Hour Comic Challenge is ELEVEN days away. Time to plan & think ahead. Like weither or not to publish this year. Research has been done & I thought I would share some of the new distribution avenue to my friends that publish their work.

The Cons
You can register for a table at a convention to sell your wares. Depending on the show, you can pay between $10 to $300...or you can just show up to trade with other artists. The Small Trade Expo in Bethesda, Maryland (spxpo.com) and the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco (comic-con.org/ape) are friendly to minicomic creators.

The Web
Selling on the web involves either setting up your own web store or through an online distributor. Distributors like Secret Acres (secretacres.com) or Global Hobo (hobocomics.com) have a loyal client base already. The drawback, a cover charge half your cover price.

Comic and Craft Stores
Many comic book stores are willing to sell minicomics. What you earn depends on the shop.