Monday, October 19, 2009

Goth & Lolita Choco Party

I went to my first Lolita Party. Hard to believe for someone that has been fascinating about it for soooo long. My friend Andrew & his wife J9 have closed there Japanese pop culture store, Gimme Gimme Pillow Toast, so now they are throwing parties outside of the store & pop up sales. I'm sad to lose their store but happy that they now get their weekends back. This Lolita Choco Party was hosted by them. How could I turn down such a wonderful combinations: held at the Boba & Crepes restaurant (my two favorite foods), with some 30 girls in Lolita clothing & everyone brought homemade chocolates....except for me because I'm allergic to chocolate. But that didn't mean that I could eat some of them. I had to grab one of the cake-pops because they were so beautiful. Then I tried a chocolate dipped potato chip...won't need to try that ever again....or the chocolate dentures. I do want to try to make the dipped marshmellow pops at home sometime. I was a strawberry flavored marshmellow, dipped in cotton candy flavored white chocolate, dipped in sprinkles, wrapped in shimmery celophane with a ribbon & a cupcake ring to close it. When I came home at 10pm & described this to my future brother-in-law he laughed & yelled to my sister,"Honey! Tori's not going to sleep for hours!"

I made some new friends. Some girls I met want to get together & make hats together. Then my new friend Jenny clued me in on this wonderful website. It is definately in the shit i'm digging category. Check out Retroscope Fashions: