Monday, July 06, 2015

The Big Tent is Up

 With great pleasure I can now say the platform is complete & our homestead tent is up! The lumber was heavy & sometimes the tools didn't perform the best out in the woods so I went with sweaty hand tools BUT totally worth it.  I will sleep on the ground no more!:)

Most homesteading, wall canvas tents start at $1500. We went with a more affordable company out of Idaho- Elk Mountain Tents. Thought we were going with a Made in the USA company until we erected it & saw little Chinese numbers to match up the pattern pieces when sewing the tent together. Still, after putting it together in a hail storm, I will give them my thoughts on how to improve the design.

  • First: Be honest about the weight. It wasn't 50 lbs but 90 lbs. That makes a heck of a difference when carrying HoChi Min style up a mountain. Yeesh that was heavy! 
  • Second: It doesn't take an hour to assemble when you have to use a manual pipe cutter on 30 pipes of 3/4" EMT. That was made in the USA btw, as well as the pipe cutter that kept on unscrewing the cutting wheel while cutting the pipe.
  • Third: If your providing massive spikes for anchorage, could you include smaller spikes for the ground flap? 

I feel like we appreciate the tent even more now that it rained on-and-off the two days that we put up the tent, getting my feet soaked only to get ill by the end of day two, with the flies hatching & constantly attacking us, with the impressive thundering hailstorm leaving the site a muddy mess...but look at this view from the bed! Gorgeous!
A shaky beginning to a new adventure. With a lot of meds I'm coming back to life. Plus Nicolas can now be the only person that I've ever met that sprained his wrist using a chainsaw.