Friday, October 20, 2006

Dance in those pants but not the top

Alaska Public Radio is doing its fund raising this week so I changed my channel. The weather broadcast was on of, '20 degrees with a chance of rain & maybe that four letter word that begins with an S.".....but who has time for the weather report. I have get my butt moving packing up the house & winterizing the truck. My calendar is full this week. I'm up to three dance classes a week & three days of dance practice. One evening of arctic day to get everything else done.
I've been dancing so much because of all the upcoming performances. Being a rockette of the North is tasking. Tomorrow I have two performances. Friendship day & Haflaween. Then its Diwali, the Indian new years. That community will have their celebration in the beginning of November where I'll dance my first Odissi Dance. I'm so nervous. My costume arrived from India yesterday. The bottom is the right size but the top only fits on Itchy. The costume looks like so & if you know anyone that sells parts let me know. The only mail service in India is DHL & it takes awhile.