Sunday, September 07, 2014

And so we got married...

I am a very blessed woman.  It took me a very long time to find someone like Nicolas that I would want to marry.  In fact, until I met him, love was too abstract of an idea for me to think it could be real.  It was in songs & stories but not my life.  Then he filled that word with meaning.  He has made me stronger and more fulfilled as a person.  He has made me so happy & my heart rejoices in the anticipation of spending the rest of my life with him.  I am so thankful that he took me as I am, loving me & welcoming me into his heart.  I don't deserve such love but I am eternally grateful. 

This August I stood on a mountain top feeling fat & exposed for finally having a handfasting instead of a wedding.  I took this man as my husband, promising to return his love fully as we grow together.  I promised always to love, cherish & respect him in all circumstances that may come to us. 

My sister graciously agreed to wear my favorite colour ORANGE & my new niece made her debut as my wand maid.  It has been four years now since my father passed away so it was my Mum & I trying not to trip down the aisle. 
It was a DIY wedding to an extend.  The only goth-ness was my cake topper that had us & "the kids" a La Muerte. 
Peaceful Valley Guest Ranch was laid back & provided the catering.  We took a big chance with them when in February we went to visit the site in snow shoes.  They thought I was great because I was 'stress-free'.  Little did they know that I was stressed to the tilt trying to figure out so much since most of my friends were married decades before & kept telling me none of it matters except the dress & the dancing.  There was a point that I knew rain or shine or not losing the weight or finding the perfect what-not:  I was marrying Nicolas. 

I met a great lot of Nicolas's family, he alas will be traveling to meet mine.  His folks mobilized like a platoon & were immense help decorating.
We did ride of into the sunset...except it was a sunrise towards Santa Fe for the 'Mini-moon'.