Friday, November 03, 2006

How NOT to move in the winter

Donna has been gone for a month & Tina finally got on that plane to Arkansas. Moving time has finally come. Everytime I move it seems to be a bigger transition than I expected. Its like you can't simply pack your boxes & move into a prearranged housing situation, right? The universe wants to shuffle a little variables around.

I had prearranged to move in with my new roommate, Ju Yeong. Great lady, great house, everything was supposed to be great. This first sign was that it started snowing the night before I was going to move in. Snow in the fall is different than the snow in the winter. Its rain that turns to ice once it touches the ground. So I'm trying to move up into the hills with roads like this. I get to the road right before Ju Yeong's house & I can't make it up this little hill. Not only can I not make it up the hill, I'm sliding out of control a ravine. I'm freaking out because I can't drive out of this, so I end up having to get a tow truck. I made one of those prayers that we all do in situations like this. "Please, if I get out of this alive I'll get snow tires put on tomorrow." That was sign number one...well, maybe sign one should of been my truck's topper unablity to keep the bed door up. Its never pleasant to climb in the bed of a truck, have the lid fall down & dump a pile of snow down the back of your pants. I might just invest in a stick to hold that lid up so that never happens again.

Now I have not only studded tires BUT an engine block heater, battery blanket, & oil pan heater. I'm completely winterized.

Sign number two was when Ju Yeong emailed me Wednesday that her family was coming to stay for six months & I would have to find some place else to less than a week! Oh Crumbs! Ju Yeong thought she was helping me out by introducing me to a friend of her's that had a 300 SF apartment for rent. I was freaking out until a coworker gave me the number of landlord of College Manor. This place for the jet set of Fairbanks; allows dogs, flexible leases, radiant heat floors, dishwasher, no roommate & the best part....a heated garage. Call me Mrs. Jefferson because I am moving on up!

So I was able to relax a little. Take my time in cleaning up the old house, which is different because I have to do things like fill the fuel oil tank before I go. But Saturday night I went out to the Blue Loon for a Halloween party. I must say that Leg Avenue is a wonderful company but their new halloween costumes make idiots out of women. It was 20 degrees waiting in line to get in & women were standing there without coats in their naughty cops outfits ready to drop. I stood next to the shits that were quite warm in their outhouse, hot shit & holy shit costumes.

I'm quite excited about my new place & the garage. I had a coworker help me move the scooter in & said that I could bill my garage as the "Farthest North Vespa Service Station". I replied that also when I'm bored during the winter it will become the "Farthest North Roller Rink."

Miss you more than having something to do on my birthday,