Thursday, May 03, 2007

How Hypochondria Starts

The swelling has subsided on my foot & I'm left with a wonderful array of green, black & blue. Right in time to receive a phone call from the clinic. (I won't go so far as to call it a hospital because I haven't yet seen an actual doctor there. Everyone askes you which PA you went to see & then goes on to tell you 'oh, that one miss diagonised my daughters mono as a cold' or 'that one told me I should take up jogging when I had a thyroid problem.' Which has left me with the belief that you could receive more concern for your health from a co-worker than an Alaskan PA. On the other hand, you really don't see many Doctors in Alaska. Most doctors here have to be 'Womb to Tomb' doctors having office hours in town as well as flying out to the villages and villagers don't have health insurance. They mainly have Medicare. The radio says that an Alaskan Doctor makes $18/hr on average.) The PA told me the good news is that I don't have any 'new' fractures in my foot. Apparently my foot was already broken & I've been tromping around on it. He told me that it has formed this condition that begins with a 'Z' and I can't even phonetically spell but boils down to a growth that forms over a break when you don't set it.

Not a biggy in my boat because it doesn't mean that I going to have any issues with it in the future & I doesn't hurt. But this is where Hypochondria starts, because now I'm wondering when did I break it? Was it one of those times that I decided to jump the railing instead of taking the stairs? When I slide across four lanes of traffic with a scooter on top of me? A pair of heels that was designed by a sadist? The list goes on. Then I wonder if I would know if I broke it in the future. I guess it depends on your mind set. Do I think about how oblivious I must be to pain or that I must have 'dainty' bones? I don't think I'm the kind of person to get dragged into those thoughts. Instead of a 'glass half full' or 'glass half empty', I'm a 'what's in the glass'. So my mind has been drawn from whether I should worry about breaking bones or not to can I find a toe nail polish to match my foot.

Miss you more than Urban Decay 'Bruise' nail polish,