Sunday, August 12, 2012

Denver County Fair 2012

The Denver County Fair is a new event for Denver, this being its second year.  I'm embarassed to say that though my two friends Andrew Novick & Dana Cain put on the Fair, I didn't make it to the First fair:(  But this year the events looked too intriguing to miss.

On the art & crafts side my ATC group had a booth set up, the Denver Handmade Alliance had a booth.  Then there was the Geek section w/ the Steampunks and since it was the Zombie beauty pagent you had patrols of guards from the Umbrella Corp there.  Charlie Phoenix was frying up some cereal. But what got me there on a Saturday evening was the Gothic & Lolita Tea Party.

Subculture aside, I believe that two aspects of the Denver County Fair make it unique from any other fair.  The fact that this is in a metropolis, the booths dedicated to urban homesteading & GOATS were very interesting.  There was Kate Armstrong to teach about urban foraging; the GrowHaus to learn how to grow plants and fish together in a recirculating soil-less system; DUG an urban garden right down the street from Nicolas's in Aurora; Plant a Row for the hungry got me motivated. Then there was the DenverBee...I believe that tending an apiary leads to higher conciousness. Don't you? Hand outs, handouts, handouts! I now have the knowledge on the laws for the Cottage Food industry....very important for next month with my plans for Park(in) Day (more on that to follow).

Its great how my friend's annual Pancake BBQ can become an entire fair event.  Fantastic!

Miss you more than the henna cracking on my arm.