Tuesday, February 05, 2008

There & back again

Bad things come in threes? What if there's more? I won't go into the details but it hasn't been nice.

I dropped off Itchy in Denver over the holidays. I was over joyed when I went because I got a call from my sister before I got on the airplane. She got engaged! I adore her fiance so nothing could be better.

There was a blizzard while I was there so I had to rent a car instead of ride my scooter & I didn't get to see everyone that I wanted to see:(

So Itchy is in Florida & I'm lonely. I could go on forever about all the little Itchy things that I miss. But I'll sum up my last month by cutting to the quick. Itchy is wintering in Florida; my apartment smells like fried anchoives; I was dumped; I've been stopped by the cops five times in the new year- twice in one day during an armed robbery (why do alaskans hold up gun stores? it never works out); I've worked 60 hours every week this year; my contract ended & I'm a free agent which makes me dread...my yearly review.

Miss you, miss you, miss you.