Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Happy Halloween everyone!  I'm spending my halloween this year completely different- I'm staying in. My boyfriend has to work; I'm going to start a medical procedure in six days so I need to conserve on cash; I didn't complete my brilliantly planned costume; my sister & brother-in-law are at a wedding in the Dominician Republic so I'm puppy sitting for them.  All the equation to stay in & hand out treats to the kiddies in costume.
I did do the annual haunted house tour.  This year Juliet suggested that we do sister houses. The 13th Floor is connected to the Undead then for a discounted price you can also go down the street to get into the Asylum & Zombieland.  Haunted houses are not your neighborhood firemen productions that we grew up with anymore.  They are big business & with them big price tags. $42 for the combo but when you show up the wait in the line is over 2 hrs so ofcourse you purchase the upgrade to the VIP line. It was partially worth it; Undead was first & had a lot of actors, more then I've seen before. Zombieland & Asylum were a disappointment, just a tradition haunt.  13th Floor though was a treat. First an elevator to an attic walk with yetis & other huge anamitronics but the best were seeing two phanamechnics that I've always wanted to see.
First was the swamp walk, the concept is to have the guest to think that they are walking waist deep in a swamp with alligators & a swamp thing around you.  All done with 3 foot air tubes (think like the bouncy castles)in a path. The illusion is assisted by fog & lasers to make a glowing green ooze.
The next was a vortex tube. A cylinder that you walk through with random lights spinning while you go up a ramp.  By the end of the ramp your balance is off & you spend another 15 mins walking outside through the haunt feeling off balance.  I got my instructions from one of my favorite haunt websites.