Monday, April 30, 2007

Dance your feet off

This is a picture of my left foot on Jessica's dashboard @ 9pm on our way back from Anchorage. We spent the weekend there performing @ a 'circusque' show called Carpe Nocturne & then two days of intensive workshop with Urban Tribal out of San Diego. It was fantastic, I learned some slick new moves, got to go out dancing, ate a falafal with a moose in the parking lot & got an 85% discount on shoes. Then Sunday afternoon we were learning how to spin around on our knees. If you want to try this at home you're supposed to use the top of your feet to brake. I did & discovered that I have 'sensitive veins'. At least that's what Heather Stants, the instructor, said as the dancers around me shrieked when flesh on the top of my foot rose up an half an inch with the veins just pumping away. It didn't feel too bad but gross to watch.
This morning I went to the clinic & they made me get x-rays incase I have a hair-line fracture. I should know in two days. The doctor gave me some good advice, "You're supposed to walk on the bottom of your feet, not the tops." Until then I'm stuck wearing flip-flops when I have such a need to use my feet. My scooter is ready for driving & I have a big performance in two weeks that I need to dance on my knees:(, I got another breakdancing video in from Netflix.
Some positive news is that I might of won the Nenana Ice Classic! I chose April 27th @ 2:30pm & the ice broke that day @ 3:47pm. My coworkers said that people get down to the exact minute. Is it bad that I have hope?
Miss you more than staring @ a pulsating wound for 357 miles,