Friday, April 06, 2007

Springtime in Fairbanks, Part 2

This is the time of year that you should never visit Fairbanks. Its warmed up to 46 degrees! That's above zero! But it still gets below in the evenings. So where it was pearly white a couple of weeks ago, now its slushy, dirty snow that turns to ice during the night. You have to remember to park at least 4 feet away from any building. If the owners didn't have the curtiousy to shovel their roof, you have the chance of having a 20 lb. chunk of icy, snow dropping on the hood of your car. Alaskas version of hail damage. Not to mention the people are crabby. I missed this season last year because I was relocating. I wish I was elsewhere right now.

After saying that, my last roommate, Tina, is in town visiting. I don't know why she's in town from Arkansas, but I hope to see her before she leaves on Sunday. I've had the flu for the past two days & have been camped out in the apartment.

Last weekend I was in Ester performing with Cold Fusion for the Ester Library Lollapalooza. I did my first solo with fans!....& I didn't mess up. Tada! It was a wierd location. Jessica & I walked in the front door & she said, "There's is some serious Pong in the house." Pong is Alaskan slang for B.O. Like the Atari game, that the little ball slowly moves across the screen until it hits the paddle. We were the paddles (Jessica is a born & raised Alaskan that used to get to grandma's house on dog sled so Atari is oblivous to her but its a term that they used in high school.) The concrete floor was freezing at this place but it was sweltering up top. For a first performance it went well & the audience loved us. Here's me eating some Bulgolgi in a Korean restaurant under the bowling alley. We were waiting for the cooking staff to do some karoke, but they were shy that night.