Sunday, April 01, 2007

Ground Hog Day

Cabin fever is a dirty, dirty...con-artist. October you are lured in with promises of comfy evenings working on engaging projects. You happily skate through the end of the year with the distractions of the holidays. Come January you get hit with the nastiest weather imaginable only to discover that it gets worst the next month. By the end of March those projects have been spread out all over the place & your home gets smaller & smaller. Plus you realize that for the past three months, other than a couple of exceptions, you've spent everyday going to work & home. THIS IS WHEN IT GETS CRAZY. I went to a dinner were some of the women were in complete flannel & woolen, Alaskan wear other than they were wearing high heels...because they couldn't stand another evening of wearing boots. But that's cabin fever for you. If you've never experience this before, think back on any operation or dental surgery you might have had. Are you there? Remember the day after when you still have some sedation or taking pain killers where you feel like you just repeated a task that you had already completed or a thought you had only a few moments ago. That's what its like, a living reinactment of Bill Murray in Ground Hog Day. My receptionist says that any day now we'll start to read about murder/suicide combos in the paper.....& I might be involved.

I think that this might be a repeat of a previous blog so I'm going to change the spark plug & oil the pistons on my scooter then look at the swimsuits in the Victoria's Secert catalog. Here dry grass...where are you?!