Saturday, August 11, 2007

Golden day Harry Potter

It was Golden Days, the celebration of Felix Pedro finding the first gold in Fairbanks, which is a week long worth of celebrations. Races, the red green regata, the duckie race, the parade, the sourdough pancakes. The underlining theme....Alaskans love can-can girls! Up until the mid-1980's the majority of women in Alaska were 'Good Time Girls'. They were loved so much that streets and establishments were named after them. The parades always have tons of can-can dancers & the Palace Theatre hosts the Burlesque Show that your's truely opened doing a flapper dance with Liz.
All of this doesn't matter compared to the evening Liz & I had seeing the new Harry Potter movie followed by a midnight party to pick up the latest & last Harry Potter book. I was afraid that I wouldn't get any peace to read it so Itchy & I headed to Canada, found an isolated spot & sat down.a>
It started to rain about Chapter Nine so we packed up to head home. On the way to the truck I found oddles of High Bush Cranberries & picked them on the way back to the truck.