Tuesday, January 20, 2009

In Memory of Syd Harrison

Syd Harrison was the kind of boss that you would never wish ill will upon. He was my mentor & the one person that brought back my love for architecture from the brink of extinction. In a weird turn of "6 degrees of separation" my first interview with him lasted 3 hours when he noticed that I went to kindergarten with his daughter. That's just the person Syd was, an inspiring gentleman with a keen eye to detail. A trait that he honed in me hours spent on construction sites. Every project with him were tests to right side of the brain. Pushing my envelope for research & design; from follies for dining to converting ranch style homes into Japanese pagodas to boat haul design. He was a pleasure to work with & learn from. Being the sole employee, when I wanted a new desk chair he came back with a designer original that could of come out of the Millennium Falcon & when you turned around you could get a massage in it. An awesome man that would encourage intellectual discussion on ANYTHING. When he was sick, he would still come in to give me company & train me in the diverting rules between American & European croquet. At that time, all I had was Itchy & a scooter yet he put full trust in me. A big heart & a major love of croquet, that was Syd.
Syd passed on December 30th. A man that donated over 300 pints of blood in his life & he dies from a plasma disease. For men like Syd & my father who used quite a bit of blood this year, please donate.