Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shit I'm Diggin'

The colours for 2009 are Black & Gold. The COSTUME for 2009 is the Girl Scout uniform. I'm not talking about the current uniform that revolves around a vest. BaH! What are we preparing our young ladies to become- greeters at Walmart?! NO! What I'm talking about is what I proudly wore every Wednesday in elementary school. Mary Janes, wool knee-high socks, jumper/penifore, sash & beret. You were part of the in crowd at Bromwell if you had the most GS pharaphinalia on Wednesdays....& I was pretty cool, I even had the short sleeve blouse with GS insignia as poka-dots plus the cardigan. Apparently you are hip now if you wear a version on the uniform. I have lady friends calling me from Dallas to Chicago telling me to join them in their troop.

One I saw today were the ladies from Pod Post a Mail Artists company. With these troopers you can earn merit badges from zining, book making & self-publishing. I want a merit badge with a Xerox machine on it!!!

If one of these troups give me a uniform in Burberry, I will be JAM-BO-REE-ing!!!! Check them out @